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The district of Deogarh, as a distinct administrative entity, was carved out of the erstwhile larger Sambalpur district of Odisha on the 1st of January 1994. The literal English translation of Deogarh(Debagarh) is Abode of Divinity. A larger portion of the erstwhile Bamanda or Bamra State constitute Deogarh district. The State of Bamanda (Bamra) acceded to the Union of India on 1st January 1948. Prior to the merger of the state, Kuchinda, which became a separate subdivision of Sambalpur district in 1948, also formed a part of the Bamanda state..   Read More

Collector & District Magistrate
Sri Somesh Kumar Upadhyay, IAS Collector & District Magistrate
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    PradhanPat Fall
  • Kurudkut Mountain Top
  • JagannathMandir
    Jagannath Mandir