The District Court of Deogarh is separated from the erstwhile mother judgeship Sambalpur on 20th April 2013. The District Court of Deogarh is functioning in the heritage building of the King of Bamanda. There are eight number of Courts functioning in this judgeship as listed below.

  • Court of the District & Sessions Judge
  • Court of the Additional District Judge
  • Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate
  • Court of the Assistant Sessions Judge (STC)-cum-P.O.
  • Juvenile Justice Board
  • Court of the Civil Judge (Sr. Division)-cum-J.M.F.C.
  • Court of the Civil Judge (Jr. Division)-cum-S.D.J.M.
  • Court of the Judicial Magistrate First Class

Along with it two administrative offices are also functioning as listed below.

  • Office of the Registrar, Civil Courts
  • Office of the Court Manager, Civil Courts in the headquarters station

Besides all these, one outline Court, i.e., Court of the Judicial Magistrate at Reamal is also functioning.

This judgeship is having a Legal Aid Services Authority which is performing various socio-legal activities like generation of legal awareness in far-flung areas of this district in order to aware-up the poorest of the poor to get the benefit of free-legal aid, organizing national level, state level and permanent lok adalats in the district headquarters, in various blocks and in jail to dispose more of number of compoundable offences, establishing legal aid clinics grama panchayats to provide legal advice to the villagers at the time of need, trained para-volunteers in legal times coming from various strata of the society with a view to help the people in legal need by them, and mediating and conciliating different matrimonial and civil matters to conjugate the broken hearts and re-unite the broken relationships and above all working day and night to lessen the burden of cases from the case mountains.