In many parts of Deogarh district ancestral industrial activities like pottery, bamboo craft, terracotta, dhokra casting and even cement tile and other castings are still in vogue. In tune with time, the artisans have taken to contemporary style and requirement into consideration to survive in the market economy and influx of mass produced items. In Reamal a pottery unit is producing clay-made water filters as a substitute of the age old earthen pitcher and is in great demand for its novelty and artistry. After the formation of new district, 220 artisans of Bamparda, Reamal, Badchhapal areas have been trained and financially supported for their livelihood.

The table below gives numerical details of industry in Deogarh district.

Handicraft and other industries
Sl. No. Type of Industries Nos.
1 Cottage and Handicraft 200
2 Micro    212
3 Small 07
4 Medium 03

In comparison with the neighbouring districts, there are no major industries in Deogarh district which has impacted the general economy and income of the people. This too has resulted in migration of artisans and other work force from out of the district in search of income and alternative livelihood.